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The Pods clusters of the poppy plant, also known as poppy straw, have a variety of uses. These pods’ spores, for instance, can be used to produce new poppies. But they are frequently used as a decorative addition to potpourri, wreaths, and dried flower arrangements. Additionally, you can bake with and brew tea with dried poppy buds.

What type of drug is poppy?

The poppy plant produces opium, Papaver somniferum, a powerful narcotic whose derivatives include morphine, heroin, codeine, and oxycodone.

Is poppy a flower or a drug?

Herbaceous plants, known as poppies, are frequently cultivated for their vibrant flowers. Opium, a narcotic drug that includes potent medicinal alkaloids like morphine and has been used as a recreational and medicinal substance since ancient times, is made from one species of poppies called Papaver somniferum.